It appears I have burst into flames.
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"When I heard Jack had Deep Vein Thrombosis, it triggered my ingrained protection instinct I have for all the employees that work here…" (x)

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How I think I look when trying to be attractive:

How I actually look:





nothings worse than soft grapes

soft apples

soft dicks

☾☻soft grunge blog☻☽

Tumblr is still a thing! I can’t even fathom my dashboard it’s been so long. Considering starting anew, but where’s the fun in that?


last christmas

i gabe you my heart

but the very next day

you gaben away



Finally tried him and jesus lordy on a cracker I’m either really bad at him or he’s just not my type.

Laughs were had over his dance though.

So, AP Taric on Dominion…

(with easy bots but that’s not my point)

"Guys why are Sona and Brand attacking me while I’m all alone guys GUYS"
— me, being attacked by Sona and Brand, as Taric, while the others just ran off


Hey it’s december! I guess it’s time to post this again

I just realized this is my Adam action figure’s first Christmas. It’s gonna be awesome.