It appears I have burst into flames.
"Math makes my thinker box hurts"
— Michael
"Speaking of asses, Coach told me he was gunna “Heal my ass” and I said heal all of me, not just my ass, you asshole"
— Mike
"for some reason I thought Banana springs was a place in the land down under"
— Michael.
"Imma shoot your dick off!"
— Michael
"Hi pleasantly plump kitty!"
— Michael
"Hah, you missed, sucker! Oh wait he came back he’s a boomerang hunter!"
— Michael
  • ninjasephiroth: Adam Jensen can stab people with blades that come out of his arms.
  • ninjasephiroth: And punch people through walls.
  • Autolycus: Is he from prototype?
  • ninjasephiroth facepalms
"Like a mildly obese hunter who throws up either mid-pounce or as he molests your nipples"
— Michael after I accidentally said “bunter”.
"Fuck you and your couch you boobless bitch!"
— Michael.
"What would a zombie do with a vibrator?"
— Michael, completely randomly, going through the¬†cemetery¬†in The Parish.